Peacock in full flight

Ever seen a peacock in full flight?

They look grand



Magical even …

The recent rains have given it cause to celebrate

To me it looks like the phoenix, wild, gorgeous and mystical


Edited to add :  These are not pics taken by me.  I had asked a person who was watching the birds fly up in the sky along with me to give me copies of the pics he clicked for the blog.  Apparently he sent me pics from the net.  I have decided to keep them, since they are so gorgeous.  No credits claimed for them ….  Enjoy the pics.  I saw the birds fly and believe me it was magical!

17 thoughts on “Peacock in full flight

    1. RituLalit

       @tikulicious No, I dont have the talent :D  Yesterday this peacock was there in the park in my colony.  It was awesome watching this, the click is by a neighbour

      1. tikulicious

         @RituLalit  Did he take them in front of you Ritu? Amazing similarity.

        1. RituLalit

           @tikulicious I asked him to mail me copies and he sent these to me.  Damn he sent me copies of some one else’s work.  Damn!  But they look so similar to what I saw

        2. tikulicious

           @RituLalit ritu just upload pic number two in image search on Google , there is an option. you will see all the results. Do not forget to question him. He tricked you I think. awful. I searched coz the second pic seemed familiar. 

        3. tikulicious

           @RituLalit I know you don’t but do question the chap. Am sorry I gave the links here. Realized later that I could have called. Sorry :( 

        1. Ritu Lalit Post author

          Not my pics, possibly a professional photographer. The kid I took the pics from gave me some pics from the internet

  1. mannbik

    Those are beautiful pictures and the second one is jsut amazing .. did you take them , how  what settings did you use .. These are so beautifullllllllllllllllllllll

  2. vanish_forever

    BRILLIANT. GORGEOUS. Watermark these pictures before someone plagiarises it.
    How great your day must have seemed after watching this right?


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