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Bad Weather

I went to see the latest Shahid Kapur movie Mausam.

Folks, sympathise with me, puhleese.

Lots of spoilers ahead, but since you will be warned and wont waste money on such drivel, I think I can go ahead.

Mausam … you know what it reminded me of? It reminded me of the lines from The Song of the Ancient Mariner … We sailed like a painted ship upon a painted ocean.

Yeah, precisely. The story did not even move an inch. We have this girl and this boy, she is Kashmiri and he is a Punjabi. They meet at various intervals in a span of ten years. The world burns, but they keep mooning over one another.

All the disasters that can happen, they encounter

1. Mumbai bomb blast … check
2. Kargil War … check
3. 9/11 … check
4. Ahmedabad riots … check

All these things happen, they keep getting lovesick, and they dont even contact each other!!! Sheesh, havent they heard of mobile phones, facebook and smses???

She writes to him …


And lovesick couple, dont you get it? Even the Gods dont want you together, whenever you meet each other, terrorists strike!

Oh yeah – story

There isnt any :D

There is just the news items I am talking about, and their love.

And I dont know how it ended okay

I walked out once they miss each other at the Ahmedabad railway station.

Mausam is truly bad weather

Or worse

It is smogy, airless and boring

Delhi Belly, Movie Review

It took me a few days to “get” the double meaning of the song D K Bose, and that too, when my maid looked at Kid#2 humming it to himself and said, “Bhaiyya gaali kyun de rahe ho?”

Damn! Khair I went and changed the hitherto fused bulb in the brain and started pestering famiglia to take me to see the movie.

Saw it on Sunday. What an experience.

As a country we have evolved, at least in the urban set up. We don’t turn a hair on instances of pre marital sex, we don’t get shocked at sexual dialogue. I sincerely hope that moral posturing is on its way out. I hate the holier than thou type of movies.

Well, if you want to see the filthiest bachelor pad ever – Delhi Belly shows you one. It even has a balcony which gives you an amazing view of a pole with more electric wire than you’d ever want to see. And the bathroom – ewww! The chronic water shortage in Delhi also gives opportunity for good laughs. Take a severe case of diarrhea, no water, 4 cartons of orange juice in the fridge and fill in the blanks.

This bachelor pad is shared by Taashi, a journalist (Imran), a photo journalist cum blackmailer Nitin (Kunal Roy Kapoor) and Aroop (Vir Das) a cartoonist who is in love with a girl who dumps him for a NRI groom and hates working for a creative director who is totally unimaginative.

Taashi has a bimbette as his girl friend (Shenaz Treasury) who lands the three in a situation where they are fleeing criminals for three days. It gives ample opportunity for the film makers to show us the city in all its character.

If expletives, potty humor and sexual innuendos don’t freak you out, Delhi Belly is right up your alley. Needless to say, I had a ball. The dialogues are a winner, the acting is good and so is the situational humor.

Honestly, I found Imran’s acting okay but not too hot. Kunal Roy Kapoor as the photojournalist, Nitin, who suffers the most violent case of indigestion ever (all three days of it) as they flee was awesome. Vijay Raaz as the crime boss with a Haryanavi accent was impressive.

But the winner as per me is scriptwriter Akshat Verma, the man who wrote the story of Delhi Belly – and the one liners that stay with you for a long time after the movie.

My sons were impressed, they thought it was a Indian Guy Ritchie movie. Come to think of it, I am impressed too. Never knew that Indian movies could evolve so much, from the staple fare of family dramas to an edgy and whacky movie like this one

Band Baja Baraat, Movie Review

The moment I saw the poster at the local mall, Shocking Pink with bright blue script and lots of gold and silver …. I knew it was a movie to see.  Kya kahen, I am a Dilli waali right?  Bling and Chatak is fashion statement, hai na?  So I just had to see the movie.  So me and my fellow blogger Kid#1 urf Ishaan went off last night to see it.  Mast!

If you want to see a feel good Karan Johar kind of movie, this is not it.  If you want to see a refreshing Delhi based tale of two “Binness Partners” this is it.

And if you want to see shaadis, right from the Janakpuri small budget ones to the theme oriented Sainik Farms ones and extravagant Rajasthani palatial ones, with lots of bling, this is the right movie.

Two young people, Bittoo Sharma and Shruti Kakkar start a wedding planners business or binness has Bittoo calls it.  She is the brains, he is the gung ho attitude.  Won’t tell you more – it’ll spoil your fun.

Ranveer Singh is awesome as Bittoo.  I swear, I am all for fresh blood in our film industry.  Star sons do not have the fire or the refreshing attitude.  This boy brings a fresh energy with him, he truly lived the role.  Another thing, he is manly, unlike the full body waxed Khan boys.  I love the retrosexual male.  Anushka Sharma is underrated.  She has more talent and emotive skills in her little finger than Dipeeka Padukone has in her entire svelte body.  Please give her more movies.

Leaving you with the song Aiveyin

One proof of the entertainment quotient of the movie

Me : Loved the Haryanavi lad making it big in the snooty Delhi Page 3 types. It is so Dilli! He calls biscuit biskut, and yada yada

Ishaan : Actually thinking back, he was kinda cheap hai na?

Ishaan is very prim and proper. He does not approve of men wearing slippers. He has to be properly dressed, with shoes and socks. He looked so shocked that he enjoyed the earthy character even so ….

Me : ROFLing away